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Bits n’ Bytes Computers is a Mesa Arizona computer store built on a simple philosophy; Our Staff treats ALL of our customers with the Respect and Honesty they deserve, without all of the “geek speak”!

From humble beginnings at a kitchen table to a well respected company that now not only serves the residents of Mesa and Apache Junction, but also a customer base that extends throughout Arizona, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Western Europe!

Having studied computer sciences at Central Texas University in the early 70’s, I was always interested in computers.  Over the years I kept up with the constantly changing world of computers.

Then one day in the middle of the 90’s, my son TJ, who was 10 years old at the time, just “had to have” a computer to play a game called Oregon Trail.  We built a computer at the old kitchen table and he could not have been happier.

Again, in 1997, we built a home computer with one of the “new” Pentium processors and a “CD Drive,” which was the greats thing going at the time.  Well, word spread that I could build computers and one after another of my friends, and their friends, and neighbors showed up at my door wanting a computer.  Most had little knowledge of computers and were desperately seeking someone that could trust.  Thankfully, that was me.

After a short time I outgrew the kitchen table and moved to a shop attached to the house.  From there I moved to a store in Mesa Marketplace, and a second location on Apache Trail in East Mesa.  Today, my son TJ and I operate the two stores together as a team.

If you are like our customers of today, and like those original friends and neighbors, and you are looking for someone you can trust for all of your computer needs, we sincerely hope you will give us an opportunity to serve you and prove to you that the “Old Fashioned Reliable Honest” way of doing business is alive and well at BITS n’ BYTES Computers!